Best Blogging platforms for your Marketing strategy

Best Blogging platforms for your Marketing strategy

Best Blogging platforms for your Marketing strategy

There are four steps that we will show you to create a blog.

The first step: We choose the domain of the blog and who is our target audience

To create a private blog, the first step must be to choose the field of blogging, or the niche as some call it, and also to choose who we aim to reach from the audience, and indeed it is a very important decision because it has a great impact on the potential success of your blog. It is also important that we choose a field that we like and love, and in which we have extensive experience.

Second Step: Choosing a domain name and hosting

We have two options for hosting the blog, either you buy a domain and then host your own, or you host your personal blog on one of the blogging platforms that are free, such as WordPress, Blogger, and there are many others.

In general, it is preferable for you to buy your own hosting and domain, because free hosting always places restrictions on the design of the blog, and does not give you a domain name that is your own. But you do not need to worry about this, as buying hosting does not cost more than $ 5 per month, which is a simple and affordable amount.

Step Three: Choose a blogging platform

When you select the domain in which you intend to blog, and choose the hosting and domain, you will then choose the blogging platform. There are many free and open source platforms, the most important of which is the WordPress platform, which powers more than 28% of the various websites on the network.

Step Four: Publish the content

You select the field of blogging, obtain hosting, and choose the blogging platform, after which you start composing and publishing all the ready-made blogs you have. Content.

You must ensure that the content is distinctive and exclusive, useful, of high quality and accurate, as good content always markets itself.
Over time, you’ll know better what your visitors want, and their comments will give you an idea of ​​what they like and don’t like. So try to take some time to read the comments, respond to them, analyze the site’s statistics, and the posts that have such high demand, and also try to always weave in their pattern.

blogging platforms

There are many blogging platforms that are free and easy to use, and enable you to create a blog in a few hours, without any technical experience. In this paragraph, we will tell you about three of these platforms, which are free platforms.


WordPress is the free and open source platform for managing content, as it can be used to create a blog in a few hours, this platform provides you with all your needs to manage and operate this blog in an excellent way, and provides you with all the necessary features and functions to run this blog, such as member management, classification, media management and publishing , and many more basic functions.

The WordPress platform operates more than a quarter of the social networking sites on the network, so it is considered one of the most successful platforms ever, and the most popular, and this success is due to the ease of use and management of this platform even for those who do not have technical experience. It also has a huge library of free plugins, numbering more than 50,000, that can extend and enable the functionality of WordPress. It also contains paid or free templates to suit the different types of these blogs, from sports blogs to cooking blogs, so whatever type of design you choose, you will definitely find a suitable template for it.


Blogger is one of the biggest platforms that offer free blog creation service. Easy to use. And since Google owns it, you don’t have to worry about SEO or security, or other functions that bloggers work on.

Blogger provides a huge number of templates that are suitable for all types of blogs. The great advantage of the Blogger blogging platform in enabling its linking with Google Adsense is the ability to generate profits from this blog through ads.

Blogger is very popular with the Arabs, and there are a large number of lessons and explanations in the Arabic language about it, so it is considered the best choice for Arab bloggers. In order to create a blog on Blogger, you must have a Google account, and you can also create several blogs with this one account.


Anyone can enter and blog on the Medium platform, and it is also free, and they can share their stories and experiences with people. This platform was created by the same people who created Twitter, but it differs from Twitter in that it works to target long posts.

In order to start blogging on Medium, you must have a Twitter account. This platform is not as famous as WordPress or Blogger, but it is rapidly evolving and growing. The number of readers of this platform is more than 60 million readers per month, and its visit rate exceeds 140%, which is a very rapid and huge rate. And most importantly, Medium is the platform that supports Arabic in an excellent way.

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