Content writing or copywriting: Learn the top 5 differences

Content writing or copywriting: Learn the top 5 differences

Content writing or copywriting: Learn the top 5 differences

The difference between content writing and copywriting

Difference 1: The goal of copywriting or content writing

The immediate goal when writing ads

Influencing the consumer’s decision, and motivating him to make a purchase decision, so you want to convince him through the text that you write when you explain to him how this product (or service):

It is the solution to his problem.
Its best way to get a routine done in a faster way.
An investment opportunity that will make him dance with joy in the future

In short, you are addressing his feelings and emotions to increase your sales.

The goal when you are writing content

When writing content, you want to build and develop the relationship between you (as an owner of a project or a brand) and the consumer who listens to you with a desire to know more.

That is, the goal here is to increase the reader’s information, whether about the product you want to market for, your brand, its directions and message, or about problems, solutions and the latest news related to your field of work from a broad perspective.

Difference 2: style or direction of writing

After we have clarified the difference in the purpose of each text, we have to address the method that serves this goal.


Since writing ads aims to raise sales, then a method must be used:

Simple, short and direct, persuasive or impactful.

That is, the direction here is the same

A text written to increase profits is based on facts, whether about the nature of the product or how it affects the life of the customer.

Content writing

When writing content, and as it aims to enhance the relationship of trust between you and the reader, and increase his information, it is necessary:

  • (relatively) long text.
  • In a more flexible way to attract the reader and convince him to continue reading the whole topic.
  • It is useful to use numbers, stats, stories about similar experiences, or even your personal opinion on a particular issue or product.

The direction here may be back and forth

That is, when you ask the public to interact with this content and share their comments or responses, you may direct them to other content that discusses the same point from different aspects.

Difference 3: The most appropriate channels or platforms to display this content


Ads, whether digital, such as Google campaigns or through social media, and even road or print ads in flyers that you distribute manually to customers, target marketing slogans for the brand, product descriptions in the online store, and the content of the landing page on the website.

Content writing

Targeted blogs, articles, email marketing messages, website content, newsletters and the like.

Difference 4: Content relationship with search engines SEO

It is likely that the difference has become more clear at this point, so we will look at deeper and more specialized points to expand your knowledge

Copywriter and SEO

It requires knowledge of the concept of SEO and its tools in general, without necessarily having a great knowledge of its details or practical experience in search engine optimization.

This makes sense, especially if we look at the channels that use this type of content, and you should do the following:

Increase your knowledge of hashtags.

Reasons or ways to use it is essential because social media platforms are considered one of the biggest gateways to communicate with your customers or their customers.

Content writer and SEO

If your choice is to write content, then you should support your writing skills with a very high knowledge of SEO, its tools, and all its details.

Because he:

The way to ensure that the content you have written reaches the right customer at the right time.
Knowing how the customer searches for the product or topic you are writing about, and how your competitors also express and present their topics in the same field is a strength and a key factor in your success.

Difference 5: Measure the results of content writing and copywriting


Returning to the first point, and since the main goal of advertising writing is to increase sales, the process of measuring results here is very easy and may be clear in the short or direct term.

An increase in sales resulting from a particular advertisement means the success of that advertisement.

Content writing

Similarly, when looking at the goal of writing content, we conclude that measuring the success of this type of content takes longer, as its results take longer to start appearing, and for this reason it can be included in your long-term strategy.

You can measure these results when monitoring customer loyalty to your brand, or search engine page results and the ranking your website gets when a topic you cover on your blog is searched for.

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