Free ways to market your blog

Free ways to market your blog

Free ways to market your blog

First let’s talk about why your blog is not getting enough traffic, we have 3 main reasons for that:

  • No paid ads
  • Poor marketing
  • Lack of search engine optimized content (SEO)

These three reasons are among the main reasons why your blog is not receiving traffic, so you need to know the best free ways to market your blog.

Join Facebook communities

Perhaps your blog is targeting a specific audience, and one of the easiest ways to reach people who are interested in your content is to join Facebook communities in your specific niche, in this way you can gain many visits to your website in a free way.

Try to answer questions from people in the community and direct them to your website for more detailed information.

Drive traffic to your blog with Twitter

With every post you add to your blog, try to turn it into an engaging tweet, to gain more readers. Try to post frequently on Twitter instead of once a month, and also try to provide useful advice to your audience.

Increase traffic to your blog with Insagram

Instagram is growing in popularity, and it’s a platform that’s very much dedicated to photos, so try to include your purpose within the photos you share. You can only put your website link in the bio of the account, so you have to direct people to it in direct and indirect ways.

If you want free ways to market your blog, you can count on Instagram because it has a large group of users.

Free ways to market your blog on Instagram

Tap into the business world with LinkedIn

Target a specific audience for your blog, and don’t stop trying to get that audience to buy from you first. You can create a page on LinkedIn and take advantage of the community there. It is possible to get traffic from LinkedIn if your content is unique.

Use email

Try to make use of email as much as possible, because email is a proven best practice in targeted marketing.

You can include a form to record the email of your visitors, this gives you permission to send them emails.

Try to make your messages catchy to get more traffic to your blog posts, and don’t send too much email so it doesn’t get put in spam.

Post on Quora

Quora is one of the most popular forums for asking questions, and you can easily promote your blog by asking questions about your business.

When you answer questions you are not only answering to the person asking the question, everyone can see the answer.

The view count below each Quora comment tells you how many times people specifically looked at your answers. There is always the possibility that promoting your blog on Quora will increase traffic as well.

Quora is one of the best free ways to market your blog

Increase traffic with YouTube

YouTube is a platform to promote your blog, there are more than 2 billion users, and video is one of the most powerful digital marketing methods that help increase your website traffic.


Bots crawl your site and then rank it on search engines, the higher your website ranks, the more traffic.

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