Marketing is the gateway to the success of startups and the key to achieving their goals

Marketing is the gateway to the success of startups and the key to achieving their goals

Marketing is the gateway to the success of startups and the key to achieving their goals

Marketing definition

Marketing is an administrative process for promoting services, products, and offers, revealing their details and clarifying them to potential target customers, using the most successful e-marketing strategies, seo services, and internet channels.
It is also known in another way, and it is the process of promoting the sale of products and services in the market.
Another definition of marketing is that it is an advertisement that contributes to clarifying the nature of a good, service, product, or offer, and then selling it through an intermediary in the markets to buyers.

What are the means of marketing?


It is one of the old marketing methods used to this day, as the forms of advertising differ and are numerous, such as:

  • visual advertising
  • Audio advertising
  • Written advertisement distributed in newspapers and magazines

A financial budget is allocated for the process of promoting and publicizing services and products of companies, and thus start-ups and large companies rely on companies specialized in marketing and creating content, the promotional process for companies, and the strategic marketing plan.

Public relations

It is one of the important means in dealing with customers, the masses, and the company’s customers, and it is considered one of the important strategies for all types of companies, large and small.

Public relations depends on methods of persuasion, attracting new customers, and building a relationship between the customer and the company. Among these methods used by public relations employees in companies to market a product or service:

Providing media messages that contain data about the company, its products, its trademark, and other information that contributes to customers obtaining the advertised products.

Selling strategy

One of the best methods used in marketing products and services; As selling strategies differ between companies in the commercial markets.

When sales are distinguished by their quality and efficiency among customers, this contributes to their transformation into a marketing method, which leads to their adoption as a method of interactive promotion for companies.

digital channels

Among the modern methods used in every marketing process that takes place through websites and communication channels via search engines, the most important of which are:

  • websites
  • Social Media
  • video platforms
  • E-mail
  • phone applications
  • Digital advertising and promotional campaigns

And all of this is done using the Internet, as digital channels are distinguished by their wide and large space and their success in delivering services and products to the largest possible number of target customers.

What are the factors affecting marketing?

It is considered one of the activities that seek to take care of people’s needs in order to work to provide them for them, and there are a number of things affecting it, the most important of which are:

First: customer needs

It is the customer’s or customer’s feeling of inadequacy and his need for a product, service, offer, or commodity that he desires to meet his needs and instincts, so he searches for this service or product to obtain it and satisfy his needs.

Second: the desires of customers

It is the customer’s desire for a specific thing and he needs to obtain it after he is convinced and impressed with this service or commodity that he is looking for in various and multiple means and channels.

This happens after the occurrence of external influences on him and his conviction of something.

Third: Customer requests

It is the customer’s request for a service, product, or commodity after the customer reaches the first and second points, and they fulfill the needs and desires.

Here comes the role of each marketing process to provide the means to achieve these needs; According to the person’s financial capabilities that help him transform his desires into requests.

Fourth: Products, goods or services

It is a group of services, products, goods and offers offered by companies to customers in return for a sum of money that helps fulfill the desires and satisfaction of customers.

Fifth: Exchange

It is the success of any marketing process that the company is working on, and customers obtaining the product, commodity, or service, and that is with a sum of money, and a mutual exchange between the company and the customer.

That is, there is an exchange of interests whereby the company obtained its goal in achieving the sale of products, and the customer obtained the satisfaction of his desires and needs.


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