The important Marketing Specifications for a successful blog

The important Marketing Specifications for a successful blog

The important Marketing Specifications for a successful blog

In the next few lines, we will learn about the most important specifications that electronic blogs must have, in order for them to be useful and useful for your website or for your commercial and cultural activity, so that you can invest them through marketing with written and carefully chosen content. The most important of these specifications

Content that is in line with the objective of the blog

It is natural that you have built different goals when creating the blog, some seek to profit from it directly, some aim to promote the services and products it provides, some aim to achieve increases in the sales of the online store, and some are dedicated to selling digital and service products such as trainings, books and studies… etc.

These goals help us a lot in knowing the most appropriate mechanism for creating content. Each content is different from the other. This content should be based on the objectives of the blog. This is the first specification of a successful electronic blog.

The content is written based on the study and analysis of the client’s personality

One of the conditions and specifications of a successful blog is that its content should be written according to the characteristics of the target customer in the marketing campaign. Where it is appropriate and good for the content to be chosen on the basis of studying the personality of a hypothetical customer, who is the ideal customer for the company, and anticipating its behavior, and thus working to address him in a manner appropriate to him according to his needs and characteristics. Thus, the content of the blog will be able to address its problems, improve its standard of living, achieve its goals and aspirations, and thus reach your goal of expanding your customer base and converting them into loyal customers to your site.
Taking into account the stages of purchase that the visitor goes through when writing the content

One of the specifications of a successful blog is taking into account the customer’s purchasing process, as the actual purchase does not take place directly, but through stages. These stages are:

  • awareness stage
  • Product ideation stage
  • The stage of making the decision to complete the purchase process.

In each of the previous stages, the customer differs in his search for content, and therefore the content that he will read. A successful blog must cover all the customer’s needs in each of the previous stages. This is especially true if the goal of the blog is to sell products and services.

It is important for the content creator to put himself in the customer’s shoes at each of the previous stages, imagine the questions he might ask and search for, and then put the questions that answer the customer’s questions, so that you have covered as much as possible of what the customer thinks. .

Content that increases click rate

The Click Through Rate is the process of calculating the ratio of clicks on the search results to the number of impressions that the site gets. For example, if 100 people were able to find your article and content in the search results, how many of them will click on the article link, this percentage is called CTR.

Where it is necessary that the articles published on the blog contain a set of points, including:

  • Follow SEO rules.
  • A title that contains impressive numbers and words, and until the current year, to appear renewed.
  • Set content description, contain keywords.

Exclusive content

One of the most important characteristics of a good blog is that it contains exclusive content, and is not a recycling of articles published on the Internet in other pages and blogs.

In the event that you would like to talk about previously existing places in the verb, you must provide completely new and exclusive information on your blog, as a result of your personal effort and your work team, that will have its own independent personality and its own character.

The information must be presented in your own way, supported by the necessary evidence and explanations. The lateral thinking process is ideal to be able to present unique content, distinguished by its characteristics and information.

Blog pages on social networking sites

A successful blog is one that uses social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Linkedin). Social networking sites are ideal sites for promotion, since a large percentage of Internet users have accounts on them, spending long hours browsing and interacting with them.

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